A complete PR bundle for effective marketing.

Media Features

Get your business recognized and trusted by placing it on the pages of independent media publications such as;

FastCompanyUSA Today
Wall Street JournalTechCrunch
BBCHuffington Post
BusinessDayThe Guardian

+15 other sales-focused publications.

Influencer Posts

Get the top influencers in your industry to give a shoutout about your business to their fans.

5m+ Fans4m+ Fans
AdvocateSlay Queen

All influencers are industry-targeted.

Online Adverts

Get the best value for your online advert campaigns and triple your conversions and sales

Bill BoardsTelevision
Top WebsitesSales-Driven
TwitterBulk SMS
Traffic OnlyAwareness Only

+10 creative geographical ads mediums.

Brand Profiles

Get you a professional profile for your brand with followers on all major platforms online.

All 30+ ProfilesWikis Only
5 Startup Pages5 Company+
3 Intro/BioSocials Only
Google Only6 Directories

+30 trending niche-specific profiling.

Content Marketing

Get bloggers, content creators & guest authors to write about your business online.

10 Promotional5 Press Releases
5 Product Launch5 Interviews
Ghost Writing10 Article Mentions
10 SEO-Rich ArticlesGuest Blogging

+10 known authoritive content creators.

Email Marketing

Get your business offerings directly into your potential customers' inboxes hassle-free.

Full Campaign900k Subs x5
500k Subs x5Sending Setup
Subscribers Only200k Subs x5
Optimization OnlySales Copy Only

With up to 60% email click-through rate.

Review Marketing

Get users to test your product and post positive reviews about your business over the internet.

4.5+ TrustScoreWide Spread Reviews
Recommendations3 Review Sites

+5 conversion-driven review platforms.

Social Marketing

Get the most sales for your products via social media using our unbeatable promotion formula.

100k+ Engagements30k+ Engagement
10k Real Followers5k+ Interactions

+20 strategic social media marketing tricks.

Affiliate Marketing

Get foot soldiers to be actively promoting your business online while you sleep & earn.

200 Promoters100 Promoters
50 PromotersDedicated Shares

+50 aggressive affiliate marketing gurus.

Helping businesses leverage on the unlimited profit opportunities in the vast digital marketing community, is what we do best.
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